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History of Vienna

The history of Vienna goes back to the first century AD. The Romans called this settlement Vindobona: the remains of the Roman era are still recognisable in the present day city centre. In the Middle Ages, Vienna became a remarkable trading metropolis founded on the trading routes for amber and salt.
During the Habsburg Dynasty Vienna developed into one of the largest cultural and economical centres of Europe. The reign of Maria Theresa was an important period in the history of the city: Vienna became famous and glamorous. The marks of the baroque and rococo are still recognizable in the city.

Vienna's heyday was in the second half of the 19th century, during the reign of Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth. This period is remarkable for both Budapest and Vienna as they became modern cities at that time. The Ring road was built in 1857 in the place of the old city wall. Today Vienna is famous for its museums, events, café houses, concert halls and historical monuments.

Some important data
955 - Battle of Lechfeld
976 - Ostarrichi was evicted by the Babenbergs
1155 - Vienna became capital
1200 - construction of the city walls
1221 - the rights of a city and a staple port were given to Vienna
1278 - the Habsburg rule was established by Rudolf I
1280 - the first history book of Vienna was written by Jans der Enikel
1365 - the University of Vienna was founded by Rudolf IV
1469 - the Stephansdom became a cathedral
1556 - Vienna became the seat of the Emperor
1529 and 1683 - Turkish attacks
1704 - the Linienwall and other monuments were built
1805 and 1809 - Napoleon wars
1837 - Vienna was attached to the railway network
1848 - March Revolution
1858 - the Ringstrasse was built
1873 - World Exhibition
1900 - Vienna was the centre of the Jugendstil
1914-18 - the First World War, shortage in food and clothes
1927 - fire in the Justizpalast was followed by demonstrations
1934 - Civil War
1938 - Anschluss to the Germany
1944-45 - bombardments of Vienna caused a lot of destruction
1955 - Austrian State Treaty
1978 - the first part of the U-Bahn was opened
1970s - UNO-City was built


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