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History of Austria

300 AD - Germanic tribes arrived to the country

788 - the area of present day Austria was occupied by Bavarians and Charlemagne conquered this territory

955 - Otto I, the first king of Austria

976 - reign of the House of Babenberg

1156 - Vienna became the political centre

1278 - Rudolf of Habsburg became the ruler of the country, during the rein of the House of Habsburg Austria gradually expanded its territory

1438 - Duke Albert V was crowned

1526 - After the battle of Mohács, Autria occupied Bohemia

1593 - 1606 Long War

1699 - Treaty of Carlowitz: Hungary was controlled by Austria

1604 - Empire of Austria was founded

1867 - Dual Monarchy Austria ? Hungary was founded

1814 - Austria occupied France

1815 - Austria becane one of the most powerful countries in Europe

1867 - Franz Joseph I ruled the empire of Austria and the kingdom of Hungary
After the World War I the empire split up and Austria became a republic.

1918 - 19 - Austria was called the Republic of German Austria, but Entente did not allow Austria to unite with Germany, the new name of the country: Republic of Austria

1920 - New Constitution, the first Austrian Republic lasted until 1933

1938 - Austria was occupied by the Germans

May 15, 1955 - Austria regained its independence

Dec 19, 1945 - second republic

1995 - Austria became the member of the European Union, but it preserved its neutrality




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